Equipment Description:

Drilling unit. Oilwell 64 B 600 hsp,single drum.1” drill line.Hydralic catheads,MO&BO.

Power,8V92T 450 hsp,electric start,radiator,gauges,5 speed transmission,new bendix.Mast: 96’ Franks, 250,000 # static hook load, double 3-stage raising ram.

5 sheave crown block,double tubing block,4” stand pipe.

Substructure /rig ramp:40’ triple axle trailer 4’high,4 hydralic leveling jacks and 4 manual leveling jacks,folding walkways,stairs an safety rails.

Mud pump: Gardner Denver, FXZ duplex mud pump,250hp, 71/4x12 forged steel fluid ends w/bolted value caps& quick change cylinder head caps,matco.suction screen ,shop made.

Power Detroit 671 twins,450 hp.air starter, radiator,gauges.

Rotating equipment:Wheeland,201/2” split master bushing,Emsco AE4 125 ton swivel,5 ½”x46’square Kelly,almost new,Kelly drive bushing,square.

Traveling Equipment,McKissick125 ton block,3 sheave f/1” line.B J ,460,125 ton hook,3”x 72” elevator bails.

Well control equipment: Regan annular BOP 8 5/8” shorty.closing unit using hydralics off of the rig.Rig house w/fuel and water tank,dog house 7’6”x 18’flat top w.4’ porch,Geolograph mining recorder,knowledge box,3 lockers,bench storage ,7 cabinets,parts bin.Rig side catwalk 3’ wide x 19’10” entrance side 2’wide x 9’6” long,both fold up with safety rails and stairs.

Fuel tank,4,000 gal.water tank,140 bbls.all mounted on double axle trailer.

Generator: Delco 100 KW w/electric starter,radiator,gauges.Power 671 Detroit 238 fuel tank.

Mud Jets 2-7”.

Handling tools: baash ross spring operated rotary slips. Web Wilson rotary tongs type C MU type D ,BO w/3 ½ -8 5/8 heads. 3 ½ “ BN 100 ton center latch drill pipe elevators.

1 set 3 ½ “ drill pipe slips.

1 set Baash Ross 3 ½ “ drill collar slips (new), 9 segment drill collar safety clamp,approximately,9 drill collar lift subs, approximately 4 miscellaneous changeover subs.

Auxiliary equipment: Rebuilt Martin Decker clipper type 300,000# capacity weight indicator, 3 ½ “x 40’ rotary hose 5000#,3 ½ “ x 15 ‘ vibrator hose,5000#. Hydraulic rathole,fluorescent lights.Approximately 700’of 1” drill line.

Drill Pipe: 100 joints 3 ½ “IF, E &S-135 grade ,15.50 #. Drill Collars: 9-5 3/ 4” OD x 29 ‘ L slick drill collars,4 1 / 2” X O thread (inspected). Pipe Racks 1 set triangle,4’x 31 ‘.

Note: The transmission will be a 5 spd or a 13 spd.

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Equipment Photos:

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