Equipment Description:

10,000 FT Wilson Atlas 12-1500 H.P., With Two Engine Compound, Powered By Two V-8 Detroits

Mast: 131 Foot Lee C. Moore Derrick with Racking Board, Stand By Pipe, Derrick Stand, Tong Weights Catline Sheave-5 Sheave Crown grooving with Deadman Anchor

Drawworks: Wilson Atlas Drawworks, 12-1500 H.P. with 2 Engine Compound, Powered by Two v-8 Detroits, Converters and Clutched with Catheads and Parkersburg 36 Brake

Sub Base: 27 6W x 9H x 54L, 4 Steps,2-Tool Houses, Hand Rails, Engine Shed, V-Door, Mission 2 x 2 Pump with 10 H.P. Electric Motor, Mud Line

Brewster Blocks: TB 200, 1-200 Ton 4-Sheave 1 Grooving with BJ 4200 Hook

1-Oilwell 21 Super Speed Rotary Table with Drive Bushings

1-Oilwell 150 Ton Swivel

1-40 4 Square Kelly with Drive Bushings

1-Kelly Hose


Mud Pump: 1- Cardwell V-1500 Quad

1- Wheatley 5" x 10" Duplex Skidded, Power Available

Water Pump: 1- 4" x 6" Oilwell Duplex Skidded, Powered by 4 Cycle Waukasha

1- Two Stage Quincy Air Compressor with 15 H.P. Electric Motor

1- 300 BBL Water Tank, Skidded with Hose Rack
Dog House: 8'W x 7'H x 18'L with 4' Porch
Fuel Tank: 7'W x 7'L x 6'8"H

1- Catwalk 44' x 5' x 30'L

1- Set Pipe Racks, 44'H x 28'L

1- BOP Cameron 10" 900S-QRC

1- BJ 4 Drill Pipe Bottle Neck Elevators

1- 4 Drill Pipe Slips

1- Lubester Skid, 4 Compartments

1- Rumble Shale Shaker

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Equipment Photos:

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